Best Journaling Pens 2024 Get Ready to Be Obsessed

I’m thrilled to share my carefully curated selection of the best journaling pens perfect for you! Every option promises a smooth writing experience!

Best Journaling Pens

From vibrant gel pens to classic fountain pens, each one stands out for its comfort and quality.

Get ready to elevate your journaling to the next level with these amazing finds!

1. Black Ink Gel Pens | 5 Pcs

Black Ink Gel Pens | 5 Pcs


✅Glides smoothly for neat, clean writing without any smudging

✅Ergonomic design with a comfortable silicone grip for prolonged use

✅Each pen has a stylish, durable clip for easy portability


❌Only available in black ink, which may limit colorful creativity

❌The fine tip may not be suited for those who prefer a bolder line

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I highly recommend these pens to anyone who loves a smooth writing experience and appreciates aesthetic office supplies.

The 0.5mm fine tip is perfect for those detailed entries, and my handwriting looks crisp and precise.

Moreover, the pens are lightweight and well-balanced, which minimizes hand fatigue during longer writing sessions.

The soft silicone grip is a game-changer. It makes the pen feel like an extension of my hand, offering a relaxed and secure hold.

As for portability, the sturdy clip is a thoughtful addition. I can easily attach a pen to my notebook or pocket, ensuring I always have one on me.

2. Retractable Gel Pens | 12 Pack

Retractable Gel Pens | 12 Pack


✅Quick-drying ink that prevents smudging

✅Comfortable grip for extended writing sessions

✅Rich, vibrant color assortment for creative expression


❌Occasional ink flow inconsistency

❌Limited to pastel shades only

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These are a must-have if you’re seeking pens that elevate your journaling experience with vivid colors and smooth writing.

The gel ink glided onto the paper, laying down a consistent line that captured my thoughts as fast as they came.

It wasn’t just about the practicality of color-coding my notes but the joy of seeing my pages come alive.

And with the quick-dry ink, I could flip through pages without fretting over smears, a blessing for a left-hander like me.

Although I encountered a few moments where the ink needed a second to catch up, it wasn’t enough to dampen my enthusiasm.

I’ve found journaling to be far more enjoyable with these pens by my side.

3. Gel Pens Black Ink | 4 Count

Gel Pens Black Ink | 4 Count


✅Writes smoothly without any smears or bleeding

✅Comfortable grip even during long journaling sessions

✅Bold ink makes my writing pop


❌The grip is firm and could be cushier for some preferences

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Grasping the pen feels natural, thanks to its contoured rubber grip. I’ve gone through lengthy writing marathons without a cramp in sight.

The sophisticated look of the pen makes it a stylish accessory on my desk, right next to my notepad.

However, while durable and slip-resistant, the firmer grip might not satisfy every hand.

I also noticed that the investment is somewhat higher than your average gel pens, but the quality speaks for itself.

4. Fineliner Pens Black Ink | 6 Pack

Fineliner Pens Black Ink | 6 Pack


✅Exceptionally smooth writing experience

✅Ink is waterproof and doesn't smudge

✅A variety of sizes for different writing or drawing needs


❌Caps can come off easily if not secured

❌Not the best option for those who prefer thicker lines

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I highly recommend these pens for anyone needing reliability and precision in drawing or journaling tasks.

The level of detail I can achieve with the fine point sizes is simply unrivaled.

Each pen stroke imparts a bold, clear line that stands out crisply against the paper, with no signs of bleeding or ghosting to mar the page.

Switching between the different sizes allows for dynamic expression, from the most nuanced detail to stronger, more assertive lines.

Knowing that my work won’t fade over time gives me peace of mind.

Despite using them extensively, the ink flow remains steady and consistent.

Even after a long break from journaling, they performed just as well as the day I got them, confirming their long-lasting quality.

5. Retractable Gel Ink Pens | Multicolor Fine Liner

Retractable Gel Ink Pens | Multicolor Fine Liner


✅Smooth writing with fast-drying ink, perfect for left-handed writers who dread smudges.

✅The silent click feature is a neat touch, especially in quiet settings like libraries or late-night journaling.

✅Ergonomic design with a soft grip makes extended writing sessions a breeze.


❌While the ink flows beautifully, it tends to run out more quickly than some might expect.

❌Color intensity can diminish with continuous use, transitioning from a bold to a lighter shade.

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I highly recommend these pens for anyone who loves journaling with a vibrant splash of color and exceptional writing comfort.

Handling them feels natural, thanks to the ergonomic shape and soft, grippy surface.

The fine 0.5mm tip glides across the paper, allowing me to write precisely without fearing ink bleeding through the pages.

The feature that stands out the most is the patented silent click mechanism.

6. 46 Pack Colored Fineliner Pens

46 Pack Colored Fineliner Pens


✅The vibrant array of colors enhances the visual appeal of my notes

✅Fine tips perfect for detailed doodles and crisp writing

✅Non-bleeding ink ensures my pages stay neat and legible


❌Fine tips may be fragile if pressed too hard

❌Lighter colors lack a bit of vibrancy

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The variety of shades allowed me to organize my planner in a visually engaging way.

What captivated me the most was how the fine tips did wonders for my bullet journal tracker with no bleed-through, keeping the reverse of the pages pristine.

These pens undoubtedly piqued my creativity. Thanks to the sturdy fine points, crafting detailed sketches became a breeze.

Navigating through the color spectrum was like a dream — there was a hue for every mood and theme.

Even when I used them for long periods, the comfort did not wane.

However, I did notice that the lighter tones took a bit more effort to show on the page, and the wetter ink required a patient hand to prevent the paper from puckering.

7. Assorted Color Pens | 6 Pack

Assorted Color Pens | 6 Pack


✅Vivid colors that make journal entries stand out

✅Smooth, consistent ink flow with no bleed-through

✅Convenient retractable design, ideal for quick notes


❌Non-refillable, so enjoy them while they last

❌A pack of six may not be enough for heavy users

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They are crafted for those who cherish color and quality in note-taking or illustrating endeavors.

With every word written, the steady ink flow remains constant, ensuring that my thoughts are captured seamlessly without interruption.

You feel a sense of reliability with these pens—it’s clear they’re designed to perform consistently.

Functionally, the retractable feature is a game-changer.

I can’t tell you how many caps I’ve misplaced in the past, but with these pens, that’s no longer a concern.

8. Aesthetic Colored Pens | 10-Pack

Aesthetic Colored Pens | 10-Pack


✅Diverse color selection energizes note-taking and illustrations.

✅The square body design prevents rolling and enhances grip.

✅Ink flows smoothly for consistent, skip-free writing.


❌Ink vibrancy may vary compared to gel or felt-tip pens.

❌Some users report occasional issues with ink flow and skipping.

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The grip on these pens is quite comfortable, which is something I find important during lengthy writing sessions.

They definitely add a subtle flair to my stationery collection. But it’s not just the aesthetics that impress; the ink in these pens lays down a clean line with no blots in sight.

While the pens do their job well, I’ve noticed the lids can be a bit fragile – they don’t tolerate rough handling.

There are moments, albeit rare, when the ink becomes finicky, but applying a little pressure usually gets it going again.

9. Colored Fine Point Pens | 18-Pack

Colored Fine Point Pens | 18-Pack


✅Brimming with colors that spark joy

✅Glides on the page like a dream

✅Perfectly suited for fine details


❌May experience some bleed-through on thinner paper

❌The durability of pens could vary

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If you crave a burst of creativity in your daily writing, these vibrant pens will make your journal pages come alive.

The rainbow of hues before me promised endless creativity for my journaling endeavors.

While organizing my agenda for the week, each color stood out, turning a monotonous task into a delightful parade of clarity.

The fine tips were precisely what I needed to add detailed doodles that brought a personal touch to my entries.

They became more than just planning tools; they were a means of self-expression.

As I continued to use these pens over time, I appreciated how they didn’t tire out my hands, a testament to their ergonomic design.

Even when leaving one uncapped for a day, I was pleased to discover the ink hadn’t dried out.

10. Luxury Rollerball Pen

Luxury Rollerball Pen


✅Exquisite design featuring 24k gold accents.

✅Exceptional writing smoothness with superior ink flow.

✅Comes with a stylish leather box, making it an ideal gift.


❌Pricier than everyday pens.

❌Requires specific refills from Schneider.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The weight is right in my hand, suggesting quality and comfort during longer writing sessions.

With this pen, my notes look as good as my thoughts feel, thanks to its smooth ink.

Owning a pen with such elegance without breaking the bank feels like a little victory.

The blue lacquer paired with the gold finish definitely draws attention every time I pull it out to jot down a quick note or sign a document.

Lastly, the presentation of this pen is on point.

The leather box it comes in shouts ‘premium,’ and the pen shines as a touch of class in my collection.

It writes beautifully and serves as a statement piece on my desk.

11. Retraceable Fine Gel Pens | 12 Count

Retraceable Fine Gel Pens | 12 Count


✅Glides across the page with ease

✅Fantastic grip for long journaling sessions

✅The ink's longevity is impressive


❌May feel lighter than some premium pens

❌Not the best for those who prefer heavier pens

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The smudge-free ink is a godsend for lefties like me, ensuring my entries are as crisp when I finish as when I first put pen to paper.

The comfort these pens provide is noteworthy. Journaling can be a marathon, not a sprint, and these pens don’t cramp my style or my hand.

The rubber grip and balanced weight make it easy to jot down thoughts without any strain.

Durability is another high point. Despite the affordable price point, these pens last.

They’re workhorses, ensuring you can squeeze out every bit of ink without any worries about clogs or drying out; they keep going. When I use these pens, I am confident that I won’t be left high and dry during a writing session.

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