Top Amazon Journaling Bible I’m Obsessed With 2024

I’m thrilled to share my handpicked selection of the finest Amazon journaling Bible finds. I could not live without them.

Our #1 Amazon Journaling Bible

Journaling Bible with Creative Journal Space


✅The illustrations for coloring help me meditate on Scripture.

✅Ample margins for journaling personal reflections.

✅High-quality paper reduces bleed-through.


❌Illustrations may limit space for additional notes.

❌Hardcover can be less comfortable for extended holding.

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This journaling Bible is a must-have if you want to deepen your spiritual journey with creativity.

Overflowing with over 400 illustrations to color, this Bible gave me a way to express myself and connect with scripture artistically.

Its soft cover is quite flexible, perfect for long sessions of reading and journaling without getting in the way. However, one must be gentle with the pages as heavier inks tend to bleed through.

My weekend afternoons have become a tranquil retreat, thanks to the plentiful margins for jotting down reflections or doodles.

Yet, I’ve noticed that it’s best to stick to colored pencils, as my gel pens did seep through a bit, which was slightly disappointing.

Amazon Journaling Bible

Each of these gems provides the sacred text and ample margins for reflections, notes, and personal expressions of faith.

Trust me, diving into scripture has never been so engaging or creative, and I can’t wait for you to discover the perfect companion for your spiritual journey.

1. Journal the World Bible

Journal the World Bible


✅Ample margin space for notes and art

✅Sturdy, attractive cover design

✅Comfortable print size for reading


❌Pages can be rather thin

❌Small fonts may be challenging for some

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This teal, cloth-over-board Bible is a lovely, practical choice for anyone who finds peace in reflecting and writing alongside their scripture reading.

It’s not just eye-catching but feels sturdy and will last a long time.

Inside, the double-column format provides enough structure for reading while leaving generous margins for jotting down thoughts or illustrating.

The lines are subtle yet clear, making my notes neat and organized, which I absolutely love.

It’s not every day you come across a Bible designed with both readability and creativity in mind.

If you’re someone like me who cherishes the margins just as much as the verses, this Bible could be a delightful addition to your daily routine.

2. Journaling Bible with Flower Cover

Journaling Bible with Flower Cover


✅Ample margins for journaling and note-taking

✅Durable cloth-over-board cover with an appealing floral design

✅Encased in a sturdy hardcover keeper for added protection


The font size might be smaller than some prefer

Compact size may be unexpected for those used to larger Bibles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This journaling Bible is a treasure for anyone who loves combining the spiritual with the creativity of note-taking and drawing.

When I took this Bible in my hands, I sensed its distinctive quality.

The cloth overboard with flower patterns gives it a vintage charm that stands out in my collection.

Each time I flip through the pages, I find the space for annotations particularly helpful for jotting down insights that come during my readings.

Though I initially had concerns about the text size, the clarity of the font compensates well.

The hardcover case protects it when I toss it into my bag, and despite extensive usage, it remains in excellent condition.

3. Single Column Journaling Bible | Customizable Cover

Single Column Journaling Bible | Customizable Cover


✅Ample margin space for notes and reflections

✅Customizable cover suitable for creative personalization

✅High-quality paper that resists ink bleed-through


❌Some may find the single-column format less traditional

❌White cover requires careful handling to keep it clean

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I’d recommend this Bible to anyone who cherishes scripture study and personalizing their reading experience; it’s an inspiring companion.

The customizable cover is a blank canvas encouraging me to express my faith artistically.

I must say, having that personal touch makes my reading time feel even more special.

The margins are just the right size for comprehensive note-taking; I never feel cramped for space.

My go-to pens glide smoothly across the quality paper without any unsightly bleed-through.

Plus, the translation is clear and faithful, making study sessions enlightening and enjoyable.

4. Beautiful Word Bible

Beautiful Word Bible


✅Gorgeous full-color illustrations

✅Ample margins for note-taking

✅Peel-and-stick Bible tabs included


❌The cover may be prone to damage

❌Not pocket-size due to its comprehensive content

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The vibrant illustrations nestled among the verses are more than just decorations—they draw me deeper into reflection and admiration.

The generous margin space for notes encourages me to jot down my thoughts and reflections in the moment.

However, remember that beauty needs to be handled with care—although stunning, the cover isn’t immune to wear and tear.

And while its sturdiness means you get a full-size Bible with clear, readable text, it’s not the best choice if you want something you can easily tuck into a small bag.

5. Journal the World Bible | Leathersoft – Brown

Journal the World Bible | Leathersoft - Brown


✅Exceptional note-taking space

✅High-quality leather cover feels luxurious

✅Print size offers a comfortable reading experience


❌Thin pages may not be ideal for all types of pens

❌Larger dimensions could make portability an issue for daily carry

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re hunting for a Bible that’s not just a spiritual guide but also a creative companion, this one’s a true treasure.

Reflecting on recent spiritual sessions, I found the generous margins to be quite valuable. The space allowed me to jot down insights, connecting deeply with the Scriptures.

As someone who takes spiritual study seriously, I appreciated this customization capability, which allowed my creativity to flourish alongside the Word.

Also, its size could be cumbersome for those on the go. Nonetheless, it remains a delightful choice for anyone eager to intertwine their artistic side with their faith journey.

6. Bible for Her

Bible for Her


✅The artistic design and full-color pages ignite a passion for reading.

✅Ample note-taking space allows for personalized reflections and study.

✅Included devotionals and reading plans offer guided spiritual growth.


❌The pages are quite thin, requiring delicate handling to avoid rips.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The carefully thought-out design with wide margins gives me the space to jot down reflections or doodles, which is sheer bliss for a note-taker like me.

They offer a structured path through the Bible, keeping my study focused and grounded.

And the devotions sprinkled throughout give me quick meditations that fit perfectly into my hectic schedule.

Despite its many strengths, the bible does boast a sturdy build, which, while impressive, makes it more cumbersome than some parallel options—certainly not a pocket-size companion.

Moreover, if you are fond of underlining or highlighting, take heed; the pages are somewhat delicate and may not bear up well under enthusiastic penmanship.

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