My Best Journaling Bible I’m Obsessed With

I’m thrilled to share with you my selection of the best journaling Bibles available.

For anyone looking to deepen their spiritual journey, these Bibles offer ample margins for notes, reflections, and personal art.

Our #1 Best Journaling Bible

#1 Best Seller on Amazon
Study Bible (Hardcover)


✅The commentary is in-depth and enriching.

✅Maps and diagrams enhance understanding.

✅Navigating the Kindle version is a breeze.


❌The sheer volume of content can be overwhelming.

❌Some may find the theological viewpoint particular.

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Having recently flipped through the pages, my attention was immediately drawn to the rich, scholarly commentary.

It felt like having a seasoned theologian beside me, guiding me through each verse and ensuring I grasped the context and message.

The extensive cross-references linked themes and ideas across the Old and New Testaments enlighteningly.

As a visual learner, including detailed maps and diagrams proved to be an asset.

It was like having a portal to the ancient times, providing context that brought the scriptures to life in my mind’s eye.

The reading plan was particularly helpful, organizing my studies and making them enjoyable rather than overwhelming.

While I found a treasure trove of biblical insight, I must acknowledge that the content volume can be somewhat daunting for a newcomer.

Best Journaling Bible

Each one has been chosen for its quality, durability, and the beauty it brings to daily devotion.

I can’t wait for you to find the perfect companion for your Bible study and creative expression!

1. Prayer Journal to Practice Gratitude

Prayer Journal to Practice Gratitude


✅Exceptionally well-crafted with premium vegan leather

✅Offers structured prompts for focused prayer sessions

✅Includes space for acknowledging answered prayers, enhancing gratitude


❌Limited writing space may be restrictive for those who prefer longer entries

❌Specifically tailored for men, which may not appeal to everyone

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I would wholeheartedly recommend this journal for its thoughtful design that genuinely enriches prayer life and fosters personal growth in faith.

When I first held this journal in my hands, the premium vegan leather cover communicated a sense of durability and quality.

The binding feels sturdy, suggesting that it will hold up well through frequent use, and the sleek design conveys sophistication.

Upon opening, the journal offers daily prompts that guide reflection and focus my prayers.

These prompts are incredibly helpful for someone who can get distracted or struggle with where to start.

While this journal does provide specific areas for writing, some days, I feel limited by the space provided. The lines might seem constraining for days when my heart and mind overflow with thoughts.

2. Journaling Bible with Creative Journal Space

Journaling Bible with Creative Journal Space


✅The illustrations for coloring help me meditate on Scripture.

✅Ample margins for journaling personal reflections.

✅High-quality paper reduces bleed-through.


❌Illustrations may limit space for additional notes.

❌Hardcover can be less comfortable for extended holding.

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The aquamarine hardcover is visually appealing and durable, making it a superb companion for my daily travels.

The over 400 illustrations are exceptionally inviting, provoking contemplation and introspection as I color them. They’ve transformed my time with the Bible into a creative retreat.

The illustrations alongside the scriptures offer a delightful way to connect more deeply with God’s Word, turning study sessions into worshipful moments.

I’ve also used the journaling space to capture my thoughts and prayers, which enhances my study.

The paper is thick enough to prevent most pens or colored pencils from bleeding through, preserving my notes and drawings.

While I might crave more room for my annotations next to certain beloved verses, the balance between text, illustrations, and space is generally well-maintained.

3. Bible for Her

Bible for Her


✅The artistic design and full-color pages ignite a passion for reading.

✅Ample note-taking space allows for personalized reflections and study.

✅Included devotionals and reading plans offer guided spiritual growth.


❌The pages are quite thin, requiring delicate handling to avoid rips.

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The first thing that caught my eye was its gorgeous gray linen cloth cover that feels sturdy and comfortable.

Once you flip it open, the full-color design captures your attention and makes reading the scriptures more engaging.

The Bible isn’t just about aesthetics; the margins are wide enough for me to jot down insights and drawings that personalize my study.

The additional features, like reading plans and devotionals, have been incredibly helpful.

They offer a structured approach to my reading, ensuring that each session is filled with learning and reflection.

While I adored the design and extras, I did have to be cautious with the pages.

They are thinner than expected, which means they can tear if I’m not careful when turning them or marking passages.

4. Journal the World Bible

Journal the World Bible


✅Ample margin space for notes and art

✅Sturdy, attractive cover design

✅Comfortable print size for reading


❌Pages can be rather thin

❌Small fonts may be challenging for some

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I’m thrilled to recommend this Bible; it seamlessly blends scripture study with creative expression.

The layout invites you to actively engage with the scriptures, leaving room for your thoughts beside the text. It’s a perfect blend of the sacred and the personal.

The Comfort Print technology strikes a nice balance, too.

The font is clear and easy on the eyes, making it conducive to long reading sessions.

Nonetheless, for those who struggle with smaller print, remember that this Bible aims to save space for your musings and artwork, sacrificing a bit on font size.

Lastly, the cloth cover, while aesthetically pleasing and durable, needs to be kept away from spills and stains.

5. Journaling Bible with Flower Cover

Journaling Bible with Flower Cover


✅Ample margins for journaling and note-taking

✅Durable cloth-over-board cover with an appealing floral design

✅Encased in a sturdy hardcover keeper for added protection


The font size might be smaller than some prefer

Compact size may be unexpected for those used to larger Bibles

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The floral cloth cover feels robust in hand—one can tell it’s built to last.

Its hardcover keeper affirms this, ensuring longevity.

The beauty of this Bible extends beyond its looks, of course.

The wide margins are the perfect canvas for my thoughts and reflections; I never feel cramped for space.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while the size makes it portable, the tradeoff is a smaller font and compact overall design.

6. Single Column Journaling Bible | Customizable Cover

Single Column Journaling Bible | Customizable Cover


✅Ample margin space for notes and reflections

✅Customizable cover suitable for creative personalization

✅High-quality paper that resists ink bleed-through


❌Some may find the single-column format less traditional

❌White cover requires careful handling to keep it clean

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I recently had the chance to use this journaling Bible, and I must say that the wide margins are a game-changer for anyone who likes to annotate while reading.

Reflective note-taking during my devotionals has never been easier, and there’s also ample room to express my creativity besides cherished verses.

Bringing a personal touch to my Bible was such a joy.

The customizable cover stands out as a blank canvas, giving me the freedom to decide on the aesthetic of my Bible.

The quality of the paper impressed me the most.

Finding a journaling Bible where pens and highlighters don’t bleed through the pages is rare.

The white, customizable cover demands careful handling, as it easily collects smudges and dirt.

The single-column format, while spacious for annotations, might be a shift if you’re accustomed to a more conventional layout.

Despite these minor points, the journaling experience this Bible provides is exceptional.

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