The Core-Team

People Are The ROI Of Life

Gary Vaynerchuck

The Core Team plays a crucial role in providing precious assistance and feedback that helps shape the essence of our work.

A special thanks to the Core Team for their unwavering support and contributions ♥️.

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Elisa Steffes
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Max Blum
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Andreas Weigert
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Martin Johnen
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Nico Koch
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Jannis von Deetzen

Essential Resources

Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress: WordPress is our trusty companion in the content creation journey. With its user-friendly interface, we easily manage, publish, and update our website content.


Hostinger: Hostinger is the backbone of our web presence, providing reliable and speedy hosting to ensure our site is always accessible to you, our valued visitors.

Design and Image Editing

Canva: We rely on Canva for effortlessly crafting visually appealing content, whether it’s eye-catching social media graphics or engaging blog post images.

Img2go: Img2go is allowing us to quickly and easily edit, resize, and convert images for that perfect visual touch.

Birme: Brime serves as a handy cropping tool for our pictures.

TinyPNG: TinyPNG, reduces file sizes without compromising quality, ensuring swift website loading for a smooth user experience.

Search Enginge Optimization (SEO)

Rank Math: Our go-to for SEO is Rank Math, optimizing our content for search engines and boosting our website visibility.

Writing Assistance

Koala: We utilize, an AI-powered tool that assists in generating captivating blog articles. This serves only as an outline and will be reviewed before being published to ensure the highest quality.

Grammarly: We use Grammarly to enhance the quality of our content with real-time grammar and spelling suggestions.

Content Organization and Data Management

Notion: Notion is our all-in-one workspace partner, revolutionizing how we organize content, collaborate, and manage projects, boosting our overall productivity.

Google Sheets: Google Sheets, our virtual organizational hub, empowers us to efficiently manage and analyze data, facilitating seamless content planning and coordination.