My Best Bullet Journal Picks for Your 2024

Top Bullet Journals for Organization Buffs

I’m thrilled to share with you my handpicked best bullet journal picks! If you’re as obsessed with staying organized as I am, this is for you.

Our #1 Best Bullet Journal

Wildlife Dotted Journal | A5


✅Exceptional paper quality that plays nice with fountain pens

✅Durable and ethically made with vegan materials

✅Handy features like an inner pocket and elastic closure


❌Premium prices might not suit all budgets

❌Limited to one size and ruling type

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I find this journal to be an absolute delight, perfect for the environmentally-conscious scribbler in all of us!

Its creamy pages, a haven for my thoughts, let my fountain pen glide effortlessly with not a speck of bleed-through.

Jotting down a quick list or meticulously planning my week, this journal has been my steadfast companion.

The vegan leather cover looks professional on my desk and feels soft to the touch, exuding a charm that many have commented on.

Beyond the aesthetics, the elastic closure ensures my pages stay secure, an invaluable feature for someone as mobile as I am.

The dotted grid format is subtly guiding, perfect for both my structured and more creative entries.

And when I need to bookmark a page, the built-in ribbon comes in very handy.

Best Bullet Journal

It’s not just about making lists; it’s about crafting a personalized system that keeps your days flowing smoothly. So, get ready to elevate your planning game with these top-notch bullet journals that I’ve fallen in love with.

Let’s dive right into this treasure trove of organizational bliss!

1. Notebook Built for BuJo | A5

Notebook Built for BuJo | A5


✅Exceptional paper quality ideal for a variety of pens

✅Built-in guide features enhance my bullet journaling efficiency

✅Additional margins provide a neat and organized appearance


❌May have more features than a minimalistic journaler needs

❌Bulkier than slimmer notebooks due to the added content

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This one is for you if you’re after a journal that brings joy to bullet journaling with its thoughtful design and premium feel.

The faux leather material gave the notebook a distinguished look that I was proud to carry around.

As I flipped through the pages, I appreciated the dot grid, which was just the right balance—not too distracting, yet prominent enough to guide my writing and sketches.

Using this journal has been a game-changer for my organization. The Bullet Key, Index, and Future Log are integral to my planning routine, and having a dedicated pocket guide is like having a bullet journaling coach right there with me.

Setting up my Monthly Logs with the included stickers was a breeze, and they added a touch of flair to my pages.

This notebook truly shines in quality. The sustainably sourced paper impressed me—there was no ink bleed or feathering, even when I used my fountain pen with a medium nib.

2. Dotted Journal Notebook | A5

Dotted Journal Notebook | A5


✅Glorious paper quality with no bleed-through, perfect for a variety of pens

✅Extras like color-coded bookmarks and an index boost my organizing game

✅It's tough enough to survive the hustle of my daily life


❌Some might find the journal heavier than expected

❌The pen holder can be snug with certain pen sizes

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re looking for a journal that strikes the perfect balance between quality and functionality, this is it.

The heft of it spoke of quality – this journal was made to withstand the fervor of daily scribbles and life on the move.

Its bleed-proof pages were a canvas that embraced my thoughts without fault. Whether I dashed down inspirations with a fine gel pen or crafted vivid diagrams with my fountain pen, each page remained pristinely clean on the flip side.

Color-coded bookmarks and the thoughtfully included index sections made organization simple and genuinely pleasurable.

The numbered dotted pages allowed me to customize my content without constraints, fostering a potent mix of creativity and structure in my planning routine.

3. Bullet Dotted Journal 2 Pack A5

Bullet Dotted Journal 2 Pack A5


✅The paper feels luxurious and stands up to various pens without bleed-through.

✅Acid-free pages ensure the long-term preservation of your entries.

✅Functional design with back pocket, stencils, and dual ribbons for organization.


❌A double pack may be more than needed if you're not a frequent journaler

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

As a fan of both writing and drawing, I find it essential to find a journal that doesn’t let the ink bleed through.

The journal’s sturdiness is remarkable. The leather hardcover feels soft in my hands and assures me that my creations are well-protected.

I love the sleek design—the colors are contemporary yet classic, making it a stylish companion for meetings and cafes alike.

The extras that come with these journals are truly convenient. The back pocket is a great stash for loose notes and mementos.

Moreover, the bullet journal stencil has already sparked some creative layouts for my weekly spreads.

4. Bullet Dotted Journal Kit

Bullet Dotted Journal Kit


✅Rich in accessories for versatile page designs

✅High-quality, thick paper that prevents bleed-through

✅User-friendly with numbered pages and stencils


❌Beginners might feel overwhelmed with so many tools

❌Washi tape variety could be wider

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I recommend this kit for anyone who cherishes organized creativity within a quality journal.

Flipping through the pages, you can tell quality hasn’t been compromised.

The plethora of supplies that come with this journal—it’s impressive. This kit has propelled my organizational skills and made my pages look vibrant and inviting, from the plethora of stencils to the delightful range of washi tapes. Doodling, planning, or just jotting down thoughts becomes an artistic escapade.

But what truly won me over was the design and feel of the journal itself.

The vegan leather cover exudes class and keeps my journal looking pristine. The double bookmarks make my current and next pages easily accessible, and the sturdy binding reassures me that my entries will endure the test of time.

5. Lined Journal Notebook

Lined Journal Notebook


✅Robust and stylish faux leather cover

✅Premium thick paper

✅Convenient lay-flat design


Maximum of only 160 pages

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This might be your new favorite companion if you’re looking for a durable and delightfully easy-to-use journal.

Thanks to the lay-flat design, weaving words into this journal is a pleasure. Whether I’m scribbling with vigor or drafting careful diagrams, there’s no need to hold the pages down.

This feature particularly shines when using the left-hand pages – no awkward hand contortions are necessary!

The 160-page limit nudged me towards brevity, which isn’t bad, but for those who journal daily, it might fill up quite quickly.

The light ivory color of the pages was warm and gentle on the eyes, although it did give a different vibe to my vibrant pen inks.

6. Bullet Dotted Journal | Numbered Pages

Bullet Dotted Journal | Numbered Pages


✅Resilient, thick paper that handles various inks with ease

✅Features like numbered pages and labels enhance the organization

✅Compact and lightweight, making it travel-friendly


❌Only 128 pages which may be insufficient for heavy users

❌Limited to one cover color choice

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

This journal is worth every penny if you’re seeking a stellar organization tool that couples function with style.

Flipping through the pages, I appreciate how the dot grid pattern is not too intrusive, providing a subtle guide for both writing and sketching.

Holding it, I immediately notice the journal’s lightness, an attribute that belies its sturdy construction. The paper quality impresses me; my pens glide over it without any bleed-through, which is a testament to its thickness and quality.

The journal lies flat when opened, allowing for effortless writing across the entire page. Whether it’s note-taking, planning, or drawing, the experience is seamless.

As I explored the journal, the extra features stood out—two bookmarks to keep my place, an expandable inner pocket for storing cards and receipts, and an elastic closure that ensures the journal stays shut in my bag.

The numbered pages and index make organizing and finding my notes a breeze. I must admit, the limited page count is noticeable for someone who journals extensively, though it could encourage more selective and efficient use of space.

7. Bullet Dotted Journal | A5 Dot Grid Notebook

Bullet Dotted Journal | A5 Dot Grid Notebook


✅The paper quality is a game changer – thick, smooth, and quite forgiving with various pens and markers.

✅Lies flat open which is perfect for seamless writing and drawing across two pages.

✅Extra features like a pen holder and numbered pages add a lovely touch of convenience and detail.


❌The tangerine color may not appeal to everyone's taste; it's pretty specific.

❌While sturdy, fabric covers may need more care to maintain their look over time.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I’ve been swept off my feet by this journal’s robustness—from the chic, fabric-bound cover to the silver-edged pages that add a dash of sophistication.

With all the extras like an elastic pen loop and an expandable inner pocket, it’s clear this isn’t just a notebook – it’s a trusty sidekick for anyone with a passion for journaling. Plus, with pre-numbered pages, I’ve been able to skip the monotony of manual numbering and dive right into the fun part.

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