Best Markers for Bullet Journal: Vibrant Colors 2024

I’m thrilled to share my selection of the best markers for bullet journal that will take you to the next level! I promise you’ll love them too!

I’ve curated a list that promises vibrant colors, smooth application, and fantastic longevity.

Whether you’re journaling for creativity or productivity, these markers’ superior quality will enhance the experience.

Let’s dive into the vivid world of bullet journal markers!

Our #1 Best Markers for Bullet Journal

Creative Markers | 12-Count


Fantastic for both highlighting and detailed work due to the chisel tip

✅The colors are vivid yet mild enough to not overpower the page

✅Ink applies smoothly and does not bleed through, keeping the journal neat


❌Some colors could be too muted for effective highlighting

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Switching from thin to thick lines with their chisel tips adds dynamism to both my headings and subtext.

It’s so satisfying when the color on the page reflects precisely what I envision in my mind.

The colors are a pleasing balance between soft and strong, making them ideal for both highlighting and underlining.

I’ve used these markers on various paper types, and the no-bleed ink truly lives up to its promise.

Only the darkest shades hint at ghosting on the ultra-thin pages, but with regular journal paper, it’s smooth sailing.

It’s a relief not to have to worry about ruining the next page.

Best Markers for Bullet Journal

1. Colored Journal Pens Fine Point | 18-Pack

Colored Journal Pens Fine Point | 18-Pack


✅The vibrant array of colors vibrant enough to make any page pop

✅Exceptionally smooth writing experience for precision and control

✅Durable and long-lasting, with minimal bleeding through pages


❌Certain lighter shades are less visible on standard paper

❌Slight discrepancy between cap colors and actual ink

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I’m thrilled to recommend these pens; their vibrant shades and precision brightened my journal!

The fine tip is a dream for detailing, producing elegant font styles and patterns without fraying or splitting.

The pleasure of crafting my journal entries increased with the use of these assorted hues. Designing layouts became not just planning but an art form.

With these fine liners, I could switch from writing to sketching without missing a beat.

Even after extensive testing, the ink levels remained generous, and the pens showed no signs of premature wear.

2. 24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers

24 Pastel Dual Tip Markers


✅Glide smoothly without bleeding through pages

✅Dual tips offer versatility in drawing and writing

✅Pastel hues add a soft touch to your journal


❌Limited color selection in the pastel range

❌Packaging, while cute, might not be storage-efficient

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The ink flow is just right, and the soft colors of my headers and banners make them look crisp yet dreamy.

I’m particularly fond of the dual tips; the fine liner is perfect for those detailed bits, while the brush end sweeps majestically for bolder lines.

What’s more, I’ve dabbled with the watercolor feature. With a gentle brush over the page with these pens and a dash of water, my journal pages turn into small art pieces.

Admittedly, I wish the range included some darker hues for a more diverse palette. Nevertheless, the existing pastel colors blend beautifully.

3. 35 Dual Markers Pen for Coloring

35 Dual Markers Pen for Coloring


✅Dual tips offer both precision and coverage

✅Wide color selection enhances creative possibilities

✅Quick-drying ink reduces smudging concerns


❌Limited yellow shades may restrict color blending

❌Potentially too saturated for thin journal pages

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I found the dual tips particularly ingenious; the fine liners brought precision to my outlines and text, while the brush tips laid down color quickly for larger areas.

The quick-drying ink relieved me of the usual smudging woes, leaving my pages crisp and clean.

Each color popped vividly, making my journal seem more like an art piece than a mere planner.

I noticed, however, that while the overall color variety is impressive, those desiring to blend shades might feel the absence of multiple yellow options.

4. Double Ended Highlighter Set | 15-Pack

Double Ended Highlighter Set | 15-Pack


✅Gorgeous, subtle colors that elevate page aesthetics

✅Dual tips offering versatility in line widths

✅Ink doesn't bleed through, maintaining a clean journal


❌Some darker colors may be less translucent

❌The fine tip might wear out with heavy use

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I adore these markers; they’ve revolutionized my bullet journaling with perfect hues and dual tips.

The soft colors stand out without being too loud, adding a sophisticated touch to my spreads and notes.

I found these markers to be perfect for personalizing notes and adding character to my daily to-dos.

Holding the sleek pen, I could feel the quality of its build.

5. Assorted Color Double-Ended Markers | 36-Pack

Assorted Color Double-Ended Markers | 36-Pack


✅Dual tips offer great flexibility for different styles

✅Generous assortment of colors to choose from

✅Build quality that withstands pressure


❌Potential for bleeding on thin paper

❌Fine tip can fray under heavy use

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Choosing between fine and bold allows for intricate detailing or bold lettering with a simple pen flip.

It felt like having an artist’s palette at my fingertips, with colors that bring life to pages meant to organize my chaotic days.

That said, the marker still performed admirably on the fine tip side, with precision lines that stayed within the confines of my designs.

I cherished how the pens lay comfortably in my hand, the quality equally evident in the strong build; these are no flimsy markers.

However, after extensive use, the fine tip started to show signs of wear, a reminder to let my creative process be gentle.

6. Double Tip Brush Pens | 34-Pack

Double Tip Brush Pens | 34-Pack


✅Two tips offer creative versatility

✅Great selection of vivid colors

✅Minimal bleed on most papers


❌Tips may fray over extensive use

❌The fine tip may not be as durable as the brush tip

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Sketching delicate outlines with the fine tip and filling in broad swathes of color with the brush side, it’s seamless.

Switching between making precise lines for lettering and bold header strokes has never been smoother.

When I decorate my journal, I reflect on those moments when only the right shade will do. Thanks to Caliart’s diverse colors, I’m never at a loss.

Yet, it’s not all sunshine; after much affection, a few tips have started to show signs of wear, as if saying, “Let’s take a break.”

7. Duo Tip Brush Markers | 32-Pen Set

Duo Tip Brush Markers | 32-Pen Set


✅Dual tips for precision and coverage

✅A plethora of stunning colors

✅Ink dries quickly, reducing smudging


❌Some colors appear less vivid

❌Fewer replacements for tips

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With a fine tip on one end for those meticulous lines and a brush tip on the other for bold swatches of color, these markers are truly multitaskers.

The ink flow is just right—neither too heavy to bleed through nor too light to fade away.

Have you ever had the urge to splash a rainbow onto your pages? The 32 colors in this set light up your journal like a spring garden in full bloom.

The hues are striking and lay down on paper without a hitch.

While most colors pop like a firework display, a couple seemed a bit more subdued than anticipated—a slight letdown when you want that perfect page.

8. 60 Dual Tip Marker Pens

60 Dual Tip Marker Pens


✅Vibrant and blendable colors enhance the look of my bullet journal.

✅Dual tips with a fine liner and brush provide flexibility in my artwork.

✅Non-toxic ink with no harsh smells offers a safer and more comfortable use.


❌Colors can be very similar, which can limit my color palette slightly.

❌No color names on the pens or packaging make organization a bit tricky.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The vibrancy of this set’s 60 colors brings my doodles and letterings to life with a pop that seriously wows.

I’m particularly a fan of how I can effortlessly switch from bold strokes with the flexible brush tip to precise lines with the fine liner on the same marker – it’s like having an entire art set in one compact package!

It’s a joy not to worry about toxic smells or irritants when I’m in the zone. These acid-free markers seem great for extended use, especially during those long, creative sessions that my journaling sometimes turns into.

However, this was a minor hiccup, considering how the colors spread on the page and easily blended when I applied a bit of water on heavy paper. This gives me that professional watercolor look that has seriously upped my journaling game.

9. Bullet Tip Markers | 8-Pack

Bullet Tip Markers | 8-Pack


✅Bright, easily visible colors that enhance any presentation

✅Ink doesn't seep through paper, keeping flip charts clean

✅Odorless ink makes them a pleasure to use in any setting


❌Not suitable for use on regular thin paper due to potential bleed-through

❌The bullet tip may be too broad for precise detailing

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The vivid colors made our flow charts come to life, capturing the attention of the entire room.

I was pleased to find that these markers had a low odor, which made for a much more comfortable working environment over several hours of use.

On the downside, these markers are not the best choice for tasks that require a super fine line.

While the bullet tip is fantastic for bold, thick lines, it lacks the precision needed for detail work.

10. Permanent Markers Fine Point Black | 12 Count

Permanent Markers Fine Point Black | 12 Count


Creates sharp, defined lines that truly pop on paper.

✅Ink dries swiftly, leaving no mess or smearing.

✅The fine tip offers versatility for both writing and drawing.


❌Permanent ink means no room for errors.

❌Limited to one color limits color coding options.

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The first thing I noticed was the boldness of the ink. It’s a game-changer for headers and decorations that you want to catch the eye.

Even after multiple uses, I was impressed by how the fine point retained its shape. It’s crucial for anyone who values precision in their work.

While working on a project, I accidentally dropped a capless marker on my desk. To my relief, the quick-drying ink left no smears as I picked it up.

However, it’s worth being careful when using these markers on thinner paper, as they can leave a shadow on the reverse side.

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