My Best Bullet Journal Notebook I Use Every Day 2024

I’m thrilled to share my selection of the best bullet journal notebook with you. I’ve scoured the market to find the best option.

Our #1 Best Bullet Journal Notebook

Elegant Lined Journal Notebook 2 Pack | A5


✅Thick, no-bleed 100gsm paper, ideal for various pens

✅Sturdy and stylish PU leather covers

✅Additional features such as a pen holder, bookmarks, and a back pocket enhance functionality


❌Hardcover may add bulk for those seeking a lightweight option

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With two books in a pack, I had plenty of space to plan and chronicle my thoughts.

The functionality is spot on. I often needed a place to tuck in loose notes, and the back pocket was super handy. I loved that I could keep my pen looped into the journal, ready for when inspiration struck. The two bookmarks also meant that I could keep track of my latest entries.

While some might desire a lighter notebook to carry everywhere, I found the sturdy hardcover reassuring, knowing my writings were well-protected. Although the ruled lines were perfect for my writing style, those who prefer grid or dot formats for bullet journaling might need to look elsewhere.

Best Bullet Journal Notebook

Whether you’re a meticulous planner or a creative soul looking to capture your thoughts in an organized yet personalized manner, these notebooks are crafted to inspire productivity and creativity. Let’s dive into this curated list, where I’m confident you’ll find the best bullet journal notebook for you! You might also have a look at the Best Bullet Journals on Amazon.

1. Dotted Journal Notebook A5 with Stickers Included

Dotted Journal Notebook A5 with Stickers Included


✅Quality paper reduces ink bleed-through

✅Lies flat when open for easy writing

✅Attractive and durable hardcover design


❌Lacks numbered pages

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The dotted pages offer the perfect canvas for all kinds of entries, whether I’m quickly jotting down to-do lists or indulging in more creative spreads with doodles and charts.

The paper feels thick and luxurious—my fountain pen glides smoothly over it, and there’s no pesky bleed-through, a common issue with other notebooks. The firm leather cover also adds a touch of elegance to my work desk, which leaves a good impression when I tote it to client meetings.

A standout feature is the 180-degree lay-flat design, which ensures I can use every inch of space without the annoyance of the pages flipping closed on me. I love a notebook that stays open on its own, making it easier to reference other documents while I work. Plus, having stickers included is a cherry on top, giving my pages a personalized touch without buying separate accessories.

2. Bullet Dotted Spiral Notebook A4

Bullet Dotted Spiral Notebook A4


✅Thick, bleed-resistant pages

✅Lies flat with sturdy, double-wire spiral binding

✅Includes two helpful bullet journaling stencils


❌Bulkier than some may prefer

❌Cover material may not appeal to all

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The twin-wire binding is so sturdy that I can easily flip through my notes, and it lies perfectly flat when open. This means I can write comfortably right to the edge of each page without struggling to keep the book open.

The paper quality is a standout feature. I’ve turned pages filled with heavy ink sketches and colorful marker notes, only to find the reverse side as pristine as a fresh snowfall.

Moreover, the durable PVC cover exudes confidence that my creations are safe. Splash? No problem. Rain? Bring it on. And while some may prefer the classic rigidity of a hardcover, I’m enjoying the slight flex this notebook offers, fitting snugly into my bag.

3. Notebook Built for BuJo | A5

Notebook Built for BuJo | A5


✅Exceptional paper quality ideal for a variety of pens

✅Built-in guide features enhance my bullet journaling efficiency

✅Additional margins provide a neat and organized appearance


❌May have more features than a minimalistic journaler needs

❌Bulkier than slimmer notebooks due to the added content

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The faux leather cover feels luxurious in my hands, and the notebook exudes a sleek, professional aura. It’s way more than just a notebook; it’s a versatile tool that’s become integral to my daily organization.

Flipping through the pages, the paper quality stands out. None of my pens have bled through, and the dots on the pages are visible enough to guide my writing without distraction. The increased margins are a subtle touch that provides a neat framework for all my entries, whether I’m tracking my daily habits or jotting down meeting notes.

The Bullet Journaling guide tucked into the back pocket has been valuable. If you want more inspiration for your Bullet Journal, check it out here. It’s chock-full of tips, and I’ve got to give a nod to those calendar stickers — they’ve made setting up monthly logs a breeze.

I’m genuinely impressed with how this notebook has streamlined my bullet journaling experience, and I’m already dreading the day I reach the last page.

4. 5-Pack Spiral Journal Notebooks

5 Pack Spiral Journal Notebooks


✅Ample page count for extensive writing

✅Sturdy covers allow for personal customization

✅A pack of five offers a variety of colors for organization


❌Spiral binding could get caught on objects

❌Pages are lined, which may not suit all journaling styles

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With a sturdy kraft paper cover, they’re not just functional; they feel like a blank canvas waiting for a touch of personal flair.

Holding one of the five colorful journals, I’m reminded of the practicality behind the fun. I’ve been able to separate topics by color, streamlining my organizational system. The journals feel substantial, ready to endure the daily shuffle between work, home, and the coffee shop, where I often find a few moments of peace to scribble down notes.

I appreciate how the paper resists wear and tear—no worries about ink bleeding through or pages easily ripping out. While the firmness of the covers and the fixed spiral may not be for everyone, I find it a sign of their durability. Stashing one in my bag has become as routine as grabbing my keys, reassuring me that my latest inspirations won’t be forgotten.

5. Classic Lined Journal Notebook

Classic Lined Journal Notebook


✅Thick paper prevents ink bleed-through

✅Elastic closure and ribbon bookmark add functionality

✅Pocket inside the back cover for extra storage


❌Pages are a creamy yellow, not pure white

❌Wider line spacing may not be ideal for those who write small

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I’d highly recommend this notebook for anyone who appreciates a balance of style and function in their journaling routine.

The faux leather cover adds a touch of sophistication to my desk, and it’s tough enough to handle the ins and outs of my daily carry. The ivory-colored pages give it a vintage feel, which I’m fond of, but it’s something to remember if you’re a fan of stark white pages.

There’s this elegant ribbon bookmark that’s perfect for keeping my place, which I always use.

While flipping through the pages, I noticed that the back pocket was surprisingly spacious. It’s a great spot for tucking away those little notes or business cards.

Remember that the lines might not suit everyone; those accustomed to writing tiny might find them a bit too far apart. But it could be just right if you’ve got a bold hand. The elastic closure works wonders for keeping everything secure, although I have seen some journals where, over time, the elastic can lose its stretch.

6. Lined Ruled Journal Notebook

Lined Ruled Journal Notebook


✅The elegant faux leather cover exudes a professional vibe while ensuring durability.

✅Its 120 gm thick paper provides a lush, bleed-resistant surface, accommodating a wide variety of pens.

✅The lay-flat design and additional features like a pocket and bookmark significantly enhance the user experience.


❌Some may find only 128 pages limiting if they're frequent, voluminous writers.

❌Despite the thick paper, there might be some ghosting with heavier inks or markers.

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Its sturdiness reassures me it can withstand my often chaotic bag during daily commutes. The spine’s strength gives me confidence that the pages won’t fall out even after months of use.

Whether I’m sketching graphs for work or pouring my heart out in writing, the experience is seamless.

Speaking of practicality, the expandable pocket at the back is a clever addition. I tend to collect cards, tickets, and notes that usually end up loose in my backpack, but not anymore.

And can we talk about that elastic closure and ribbon bookmark? The little things keep me organized and moving forward—no more flipping through pages to find where I left off.

7. Black Paper Bullet Dotted Journal | A5

Black Paper Bullet Dotted Journal | A5


✅Ideal paper thickness prevents bleed-through

✅Lays flat for comfortable writing and doodling

✅Bonus white gel pen, perfect for the black pages


❌Dots may be too prominent for some users

❌Limited to white or metallic inks on black paper

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Thanks to its exquisite design and premium paper quality, I wholeheartedly recommend this journal for anyone keen on creativity without restrictions.

The luxurious starry night vegan leather cover not only catches the eye but also feels durable and soft in my hands. When I open it, it lies perfectly flat, which means I can write from edge to edge without any annoying bumps or needing to hold the pages down.

The journal is not just about looks and quality; it’s also about the thoughtful extras. It comes with a sleek gel pen that glides effortlessly over the dark canvas, making my ideas pop with angelic white lines. Navigating through my entries is a breeze with the color-coded bookmarks—a simple feature that makes a difference.

Even with all these positives, I noticed the dots are more visible than I expected, which might be distracting for some. The nature of the black paper means colors are limited unless metallic or white pens are used, possibly dampening the vibrancy found in traditional bullet journaling.

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