My #13 Best Bullet Journal Amazon Finds You’ll Love Too 2024

I’m eager to share with you my favorite finds for bullet journals on Amazon. They’ve become essentials for me, and I assure you, you’re going to adore them as much as I do.

Our Best Bullet Journal Amazon Pick

Dotted Journal Notebook


✅Lies flat for ease of use

✅Durable, water-resistant cover

✅Acid-free paper that minimizes bleed-through


❌Limited to 160 pages

❌Slightly heavier than some may prefer

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The texture of the vegan leather cover is a delight. It’s sturdy and, in its mustard yellow hue, carries an air of sophistication.

What struck me first was how effortlessly it lay flat on the table. This might be a small detail, but it’s a game-changer—no wrangling with uncooperative pages means your train of thought runs smoothly onto the paper.

And speaking of paper, the quality is evident. The acid-free paper feels thick under the pen’s tip and does a great job preventing bleed-through from various pens and markets, making both sides of the page perfectly usable.

As much as I’m raving about this journal, I did notice that the 160 pages might fill up quickly for avid journalers.

Top Bullet Journal Amazon

Get ready for an organized, productive, and, most importantly, fun ride into the world of bullet journaling!

1. Amazon Basics Grid Notebook

Amazon Basics Classic Grid Notebook


Sturdy and stylish hardcover

Perfect grid-ruled pages for orderly entries

Including a bookmark and elastic closure enhances the convenience


Only available in one color

Some may prefer more pages

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You won’t regret this purchase—this notebook redefines ‘essential’ for any personal journal blog.

The Amazon Basics Grid Notebook landed on my desk just in time. The first touch impressed me with its robust hardcover that promises longevity.

Turning the pages, the grids are a dream for organizing — a snug haven for my thoughts, data, and wild sketches. The acid-free paper is gentle on pens; there’s no bleed-through, making both sides usable.

There’s an expandable pocket where I safely stash extra notes and reminders. A durable elastic ensures the notebook snaps shut, keeping my secrets within. The built-in bookmark? An unspoken nod to my place in the story.

2. Bullet Dotted Journal

Bullet Dotted Journal


✅Premium paper prevents ink bleed-through

✅Acid-free paper ensures long-term preservation

✅A durable, sleek leather hardcover adds a touch of class


❌It's a bit heavier due to the quality of materials used

❌Limited to two packs, which may not be enough for avid journalers

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I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Bullet Dotted Journal, which didn’t disappoint! Crisp white pages, bound in an elegant leather cover, made my journaling experience not just a habit but a daily indulgence.

With its thick paper, my pens glided effortlessly without any ghosting, a total game-changer for someone particular about inks and textures.

It comes with stencils and a pocket at the back, facilitating writing, planning, and creating. Despite its heft, I’m fine with the slight trade-off in weight for the excellence it brings to my daily journaling ritual.

3. Dotted Journal Notebook A5 with Stickers

Dotted Journal Notebook A5 with Stickers Included


✅Quality paper reduces ink bleed-through

✅Lies flat when open for easy writing

✅Attractive and durable hardcover design


❌Lacks numbered pages

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The structure is robust, and the leather hardcover feels premium. Does it amplify the writing experience? Absolutely.

The lay-flat design is a genuine lifesaver. Whether I’m jotting down thoughts, sketching, or planning my day, I can use every page inch. Those two bookmarks? They make it a cakewalk to flip back to my important entries.

Now, let’s chat about the potential drawbacks. It has no numbered pages, which can be a hiccup for some systematic scribes. Plus, if you’re sensitive to smells, the fresh-off-the-press scent might take a moment to fade.

4. Vintage Leather Journal

Vintage Leather Journal


✅Unique, authentic vintage feel

✅Robust and sturdy binding

✅Perfect blend of form and function for various uses


❌Leather requires care and maintenance

❌Limited page count compared to some alternatives

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If you revel in the nostalgia of classic craftsmanship, this journal is poised to become your trusty companion.

I just wrapped my fingers around the journal’s supple, cappuccino-colored leather, and I felt pure antiquity. Its sturdiness is immediately apparent; this isn’t the kind of personal journal that will crumble under the pressures of everyday travel.

5. Leather Lock Diary with Pen

Leather Lock Diary with Pen


✅Comes with a secure password lock

✅Features cream-colored paper to prevent ink bleed-through

✅The multifunctional design includes a ribbon bookmark and an inner pocket


The lock may be tricky for some to set initially

Heavier than some may prefer for portability

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The diary’s weight gives it a luxurious feel, and I can’t get enough of the smooth paper beneath my pen. It’s thick, doesn’t ghost, and is a pleasure to write on. The lock is a handy feature, offering added security to keep my entries just for my eyes.

The built-in pen holder is a game-changer; I’m never scrambling for a pen when inspiration strikes.

6. Green A5 Lined Journal Notebook

Lined Journal Notebook


✅Ample writing space with 320 thick, high-quality pages

✅Robust, waterproof hardcover and eye-catching design

✅Built-in pockets and features for organization


❌Slightly heavier due to the premium paper quality

❌Limited color options for those who prefer a wide range

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This journal accompanies me everywhere, from quiet evenings at home to the bustle of my favorite coffee shop.

In addition to being practical, this notebook makes staying organized a pleasure. The fabric-trimmed pockets add a touch of class. It provides an unmatched quality and durability.

7. Bullet Dotted Journal Kit

Bullet Dotted Journal Kit


✅Rich in accessories for versatile page designs

✅High-quality, thick paper that prevents bleed-through

✅User-friendly with numbered pages and stencils


❌Beginners might feel overwhelmed with so many tools

❌Washi tape variety could be wider

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re craving organization with a creative twist, this is your go-to kit that blends functionality with artistry.

Diving into my personal journal blog with the Bullet Journal Kit has turned the daily task of organizing my thoughts into an artistic adventure. The feel of the vegan leather cover against my fingertips and the promise of those crisp, blank pages set the stage for a delightful journaling session.

Experimenting with the dual-tip colored pens sparks a burst of creativity. The fine liners craft precise outlines with ease, while the brush tips add vibrant color to my doodles. The included stencils add a mix of structure and inspiration, injecting both whimsy and order into my pages.

Adorning my entries with washi tape adds a playful touch, making opening my journal daily feel like unwrapping a gift.

8. Bullet Dotted Spiral Notebook A4

This is your pick if you’re in the market for a versatile journal that can keep up with your dynamic personal journal blog.

Bullet Dotted Spiral Notebook A4


✅Thick, bleed-resistant pages

✅Lies flat with sturdy, double-wire spiral binding

✅Includes two helpful bullet journaling stencils


❌Bulkier than some may prefer

❌Cover material may not appeal to all

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I’ve recently adopted this journal for my personal journal blog, and I have to say, it’s a game-changer. The spacious A4 size offers ample room for sketching, charting, and freeform note-taking.

Thanks to the robust paper quality, I no longer fear marker bleed-through. This journal’s durability stands out in its spiral binding, which holds the pages secure. I’ve also found the waterproof cover to be highly practical for my on-the-go lifestyle.

For those who prefer genuine leather or customized covers, the plastic exterior might not satisfy your style cravings.

9. Lined Journal Notebook

Lined Journal Notebook


✅Robust and stylish faux leather cover

✅Premium thick paper

✅Convenient lay-flat design


Maximum of only 160 pages

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The vegan leather cover is appealing to the eye and feels like it can shield my musings from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re like me, craving a journal that gives you space while elevating your desk’s look, this could be the ally you’ve been looking for.

For those who appreciate the fine details, like a satisfyingly sharp line without bleed-through, this notebook’s pages are a dream come true.

Despite its compact size, the Lined Journal Notebook packs a punch, making it a practical companion for my day-to-day jotting and planning. The colors pop, making it a chic statement item, but more importantly, it beckons me to fill its pages.

10. Dotted Journal A5 with Journal Stickers

Dotted Journal A5 with Journal Stickers


✅Premium paper ensures no ink-bleeding

✅Durable binding keeps your work intact

✅Vegan-friendly materials for the eco-conscious


❌Limited design options may not appeal to all

❌Additional features may be overwhelming for beginners

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Holding it in my hands, the journal’s quality was evident: the paper was thick and luxurious, and my pen’s ink never thought about bleeding through.

As someone who values sustainability, I find that the vegan-friendly materials gave me peace of mind, and the myriad of features, like the pen test pages and pre-printed index, meant I could personalize my journaling experience without the hassle.

It’s not just a journal. It’s a compendium of your daily life, a confidant for your creative outbursts, and a silent partner in crime for organizing the chaos. Even with regular use, each page remained firmly rooted, much like my commitment to using this delightful journal for all my planning needs.

11. Graph Paper Notebook A5 Hardcover

Graph Paper Notebook A5 Hardcover


✅A durable vegan leather cover and high-quality paper

✅Abundant indexed pages and two ribbon bookmarks enhance the organization

✅Bonus index tabs and a back pocket add to its practicality


❌Some may prefer a spiral binding for a completely flat lay

❌A5 size might be small for those needing more writing space

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Shared snippets of my day alongside neatly drawn grids felt extraordinarily satisfying. The numbered pages easily led me through my content, quickly turning my chaotic thoughts into a neatly indexed collection.

Flipping open to my spot with the ribbon bookmark, I mused over the practical elegance. My desk remained clutter-free since the pen loop held my quill snugly. My scribbles and loose notes stayed secure even during my commutes, nestled in the sturdy pages upheld by the elastic closure.

12. Bullet Dotted Journal 2 Pack A5

Bullet Dotted Journal 2 Pack A5


✅The paper feels luxurious and stands up to various pens without bleed-through.

✅Acid-free pages ensure the long-term preservation of your entries.

✅Functional design with back pocket, stencils, and dual ribbons for organization.


❌A double pack may be more than needed if you're not a frequent journaler

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I’m enamored with this type of journal and thrilled that they come in packs of two. It’s fantastic because I can either share one of these notebooks with my family or designate different notebooks for various topics.

While the black and pink covers evoke a sense of modern flair, they also pack practicality, with a snug back pocket for loose notes and keepsakes. This isn’t just a journal; it’s a partner for capturing life’s moments, a quiet confidant for late-night musings, and an absolute delight for anyone committed to the art of journaling.

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