What to Do with Old Journals: Best Repurposing Ideas 2024

Don’t let your old journals gather dust! Learn “What to Do with Old Journals” as we share creative ideas for repurposing, preserving memories, or even sparking new inspiration.

What to Do with Old Journals?

Transforming old journals into new, beautiful creations is not only satisfying but also an exciting way to honor memories.

Here are some specific ideas to breathe new life into those filled pages.

Craft Collages

What to Do with Old Journals Collages
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Materials Needed:

  • Old journal pages
  • Canvas or heavy paper
  • Adhesive (glue or mod podge)


  1. Choose pages with words or images that spark my interest.
  2. Tear or cut the pages into shapes.
  3. Arrange them on the canvas.
  4. Adhere to them to create a textured collage.

Repurposing my old journal pages into collages is a fantastic method for using those once-cherished pages again. I can tear out pages and layer them for a profound storytelling piece.

Personalized Bookmarks

What to Do with Old Journals Bookmark
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Simple Steps:

  • Cut the journal pages into strips.
  • Decorate with additional elements if desired (ribbons, stickers).
  • Laminate for durability.

This idea is perfect for keeping a piece of my journal with me while inviting others to find their own story within the books they read.

I use specific phrases or drawings from my old journals to craft bookmarks with utility and personal meaning.

Decorative Gift Wrap

What to Do with Old Journals Gift Wrap
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  • Journal pages
  • Twine or ribbons


  1. Use whole pages or create a patchwork of torn pieces.
  2. Wrap around the gift item.
  3. Secure with twine for a charming look.

Gifts wrapped in pages of my past writings provide a unique and heartfelt touch.

The text and scribbles from my memories create an original and eco-friendly wrapping paper that recipients often adore just as much as the gift itself.

Preserve Precious Memories

Transforming old journals into cherished keepsakes safeguards my recollections and shares the growth and insights of years past. The art of preservation is both practical and sentimental.

Digital Archiving

Digital Archiving is a fantastic way for me to ensure that my journal entries endure the test of time. By scanning or typing them into a digital format, I create a backup that’s safe from physical damage.

For convenience, I can use cloud storage services or even craft them into an ebook, which I can revisit anytime on various devices.

Create a Journal Time Capsule

What to Do with Old Journals DIY Time Capsule
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I love the idea of a Journal Time Capsule. It’s about carefully selecting journals or entries with particular significance and sealing them in a container.

I choose a date in the future to reopen it, which allows my future self a unique window into my past thoughts and experiences.

Frame Favorite Entries

What to Do with Old Journals Frame Events
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For the entries that resonate with me the most, I opt for Frame Favorite Entries. It’s a mix of home decor and personal history.

Choosing a special page or excerpt, I frame it artfully and hang it where I can see it daily. It serves as a daily reminder of a cherished memory or a pivotal moment in my life.

Share the Joy

I’ve discovered that old journals hold a treasure trove of emotion and creativity just waiting to be shared.

Let’s transform these personal histories into gifts of inspiration and heritage.

Donate to Art Projects

My old journals have found new life by contributing to community art projects. Local schools, art classes, and community centers often seek out donated materials for collages, decoupage, or other mixed-media art pieces.

It’s exhilarating to see snippets of my past musings woven into a larger tapestry of collective expression. For example, I provided my journals to an art project that made artwork or décor, and the result was breathtaking—a literal conversation among generations brought to life in color and texture.

Pass Down to Family Members

I also love the idea of giving my journals to younger family members. It’s a unique way to preserve family history in a deeply personal way. I’ve selected specific entries that shed light on family milestones or my personal growth during pivotal moments to share with my nieces and nephews.

It connects us across time and offers them a glimpse of their aunt in different stages of life. I hope that these shared experiences will inspire them on their journeys and anchor them with a sense of origin and belonging.

My Opinion on What to Do with Old Journals

What to Do with Old Journals Leather Journal
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As someone who cherishes the memories and reflections captured within the pages of my journals, deciding what to do with old ones is a deeply personal and reflective process for me. While part of me feels the urge to preserve them as a testament to my journey and growth, another part recognizes the value in letting go.

I believe that old journals hold a certain energy—a snapshot of who I was at a particular moment in time—and deciding their fate is akin to bidding farewell to a chapter of my life.

Sometimes, I choose to revisit them, immersing myself in the nostalgia of past experiences and marveling at how much I’ve evolved since then. Other times, I feel compelled to release them, symbolizing a willingness to embrace new beginnings and make space for fresh insights and perspectives.

Whether I keep, donate, or discard old journals, the act of deciding what to do with them is a cathartic exercise in letting go, honoring the past, and embracing the beauty of impermanence. Ultimately, it’s about finding closure, celebrating growth, and making room for the next chapter of my journey.

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FAQ – What to Do with Old Journals

Should I throw away old journals?

It depends on your preference. Some find value in keeping them for nostalgia or self-reflection, while others prefer to let go for space or privacy reasons.

What to do with old journal entries?

Consider digitizing them for easy storage and reflection, repurposing them into art projects and scrapbooks, or even using them as writing prompts for future journal entries.

What do you do with old prayer journals?

As someone who values personal reflection, I’d suggest keeping them as a record of your spiritual journey. Revisiting old prayers can offer insight and inspiration for your present path.

How to dispose of personal diaries?

Safeguard your privacy by shredding or burning them if you no longer wish to keep them. Alternatively, burying them or recycling them ensures they’re disposed of respectfully.

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