The Best Amazon Journal Notebook 2024 (You will love them)

I’m thrilled to share with you my top picks for Amazon journal notebooks! Whether you’re scribbling down daily thoughts, penning your dreams, or jotting quick notes, these notebooks are just perfect.

Our Best Pick For an Amazon Journal Notebook

Lined Journal Notebook


✅Robust and stylish faux leather cover

✅Premium thick paper

✅Convenient lay-flat design


Maximum of only 160 pages

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Writing on the paper feels like a little luxury. My pens — fountain and gel alike — lay down ink on these pages without any ghosting.

Whether I’m jotting down notes for work or pouring out my thoughts, there’s no battling with the spine to keep the pages open.

For fellow lefties, this is a big win — my hand thanks me for the smooth experience.

Seeing the page count, I know it might not be my forever journal, and I’ll be reaching for a new one before the year is out — but I’m honestly okay with that excuse to pick another color!

Top Amazon Journal Notebook

I’ve scoured the best Amazon Journal Notebook for the most fantastic finds—durable, stylish, and ideal for writers of all stripes.

1. Amazon Basics Professional Journal

Amazon Basics Professional Journal


✅Professional look is perfect for business settings

✅Surprisingly sturdy covers handle customizations well

✅Ample pages with a handy ribbon bookmark included


Larger than expected — could be cumbersome for some

The spine's durability over time is uncertain

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The cover conveyed an air of professionalism that gave me an extra confidence boost during meetings.

The smooth surface handled the acrylic paint impressively well, giving it a personalized flair while maintaining its sleek, professional appearance.

While my rollerball pens glided effortlessly across the page without bleeding, fountain pen enthusiasts might need to test them first.

The excitement of using a well-bound journal that doesn’t break the bank is worth mentioning. However, while the size caters well to extensive note-taking, those looking for something to slip into a small bag might find it a tad too big.

2. Amazon Basics Classic Grid Notebook

Amazon Basics Classic Grid Notebook


Sturdy and stylish hardcover

Perfect grid-ruled pages for orderly entries

Including a bookmark and elastic closure enhances the convenience


Only available in one color

Some may prefer more pages

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re seeking a dependable notebook for daily musings or organized note-taking, this one will serve you brilliantly.

The hardcover is a solid shield for my writings, and I’ve tossed it in my bag countless times without a single torn page — a true testament to its resilience.

But it’s not only about toughness; functionality gets a fair share of the spotlight. The elastic closure ensures my secrets stay intact, with no accidental spills of thought to the world.

Flipping through the lined pages, I’m thankful for the clear demarcation, fostering my neatness. And let’s talk convenience — the expandable inner pocket plays the role of safekeeping for my loose notes and important receipts.

Now, it’s no secret that no product is perfect. For users who flourish with a more open canvas, these line-ruled pages might feel restrictive.

Some flexibility is sacrificed with the hardcover; it doesn’t quite open flat, which can be a mild annoyance.

3. Classic Lined Journal Notebook

Classic Lined Journal Notebook


✅Thick paper prevents ink bleed-through

✅Elastic closure and ribbon bookmark add functionality

✅Pocket inside the back cover for extra storage


❌Pages are a creamy yellow, not pure white

❌Wider line spacing may not be ideal for those who write small

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Its leather-like cover not only looks professional but also feels durable enough to withstand my daily bag shuffle.

The thick pages are a delightful canvas for my fountain pen; no bleed-through means my notes stay clean and legible.

I tend to forget my page numbers, so the ribbon bookmark is a lifesaver for quickly locating my last entry.

That said, the cream-colored pages took me by surprise as I’m accustomed to stark white paper. It has a certain charm, though, giving each page an inviting, warm backdrop that’s easier on the eyes during lengthy writing sessions.

4. Lined Journal Notebooks | 8 Pack

Lined Journal Notebooks | 8 Pack


✅The leather cover feels luxurious and protects the pages well.

✅The elastic pen loop and closure band add convenience and security.

✅Varying colors make organization fun and personalized.


❌It might be smaller than expected for some.

❌The elastic band could stretch out over time with heavy use.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The hard leather cover promises durability, and it certainly seems to stand up to the test.

It’s also remarkably soft to the touch, which is something I particularly enjoy when I’m carrying a notebook around all day.

Moreover, the variety of colors brightened my day, and organizing subjects became an easy, color-coded breeze.

I love that each color can represent a different project—makes finding the right notes quick, no riffling through pages necessary.

Additionally, the compact size packs beautifully into my bag but may not suit those who prefer more expansive writing spaces.

5. Wildlife Dotted Journal | A5

Wildlife Dotted Journal | A5


✅Exceptional paper quality that plays nice with fountain pens

✅Durable and ethically made with vegan materials

✅Handy features like an inner pocket and elastic closure


❌Premium prices might not suit all budgets

❌Limited to one size and ruling type

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality, environmentally-conscious journal, I’d heartily recommend the Wildlife Brown Bear Journal.

This isn’t just any journal—it feels crafted with care and built to last.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the notebook was the sturdiness of its vegan leather cover. Firm yet flexible, it promises to protect my scrawlings admirably as I toss the notebook into my bag on daily adventures.

While I enjoy the A5 size and dotted ruling conducive to both writing and sketching, this could be a limitation if you’re seeking variety.

And while the price tag reflects the quality, it’s certainly higher than your run-of-the-mill notebook—something to keep in mind if you go through journals rapidly.

6. Lined Journal Notebook (Thick) | A5

Lined Journal Notebook (Thick) | A5


✅Durable, elegant leather cover with handy storage

✅Papers are thick, avoiding bleed-through

✅Lies flat open at 180° for easy writing


❌A bit weighty for on-the-go use

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Its rich, dark brown leather cover is not just pleasing to the eye, but it also feels luxurious in my hands. The “Tree of Life” embossment adds a graceful touch of sophistication.

The brass snap closure is both secure and adds an old-world charm, keeping my musings private.

The real charm lies in the writing experience. The 365 pages of acid-free ivory paper are a joy to write on.

Plus, the three ribbon bookmarks ensure I never lose my place.

I admit, though, as much as I adore this journal, it’s got some heft to it. If you’re someone who needs to travel light, this might not be your first pick.

7. Lined Journal Notebooks | 3 Pack

Lined Journal Notebooks | 3 Pack


✅Vegan leather cover with a chic water-resistant finish

✅Thicker, high-quality paper that's a joy to write on

✅Lay-flat design that caters to all writing styles


❌Limited to 160 pages for those who prefer more

❌Some may find the included stickers unnecessary

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I’d recommend these journals to anyone who loves jotting down their thoughts in a sturdy and stylish notebook.

The first thing I noticed was the cover’s pleasant touch, which repelled water drops with ease when I accidentally spilled my drink – a saver for a clumsy person like me.

Whether I’m sketching or scribbling quick notes, the ivory-colored pages provide a comfortable backdrop that’s gentle on the eyes, as a left-handed writer, I appreciated the way the notebook opened flat, so no more battling with awkward bends mid-sentence.

The sticker labels were a nice touch, though I must admit they sat unused – maybe it’s just a personal preference, but my journal doesn’t need extra decor.

8. Lined Journal Notebook

Lined Journal Notebook


✅Ample writing space with 320 thick, high-quality pages

✅Robust, waterproof hardcover and eye-catching design

✅Built-in pockets and features for organization


❌Slightly heavier due to the premium paper quality

❌Limited color options for those who prefer a wide range

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

I’d recommend grabbing this journal for anyone serious about their note-taking or journaling—its quality shines in daily use.

It felt like a premium writing experience every single time, and the college-ruled lines kept everything neat and orderly.

The journal’s thoughtful design included pockets that were handy for tucking away notes and receipts, keeping me organized.

The textured ribbon to mark my page and the built-in pen loop ensured I was always ready to jot down thoughts.

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